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Our mission is to empower women every step of the way, from the ones in production to the ones facing their next big board presentation. Creating business wear powered by confidence, with the goal of more women in power & leadership. Doing it sustainably is for us a given, not an afterthought. 

We measure our sustainability according to the three pillars, or the triple-bottom-line approach of environmental, economic and social implications in sustainability. 


Environmental Measures:

Since the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries, we are very cautious on what materials we use and how much water and energy they need, as well as, how far we transport our products. Our suiting manufacturer are now moving to 100% reused waters and being 100% solar/wind powered. We source and choose every material with much research & thought, see our "nutritional tables" for transparency of what's in your product!


Economic Measures:

We focus on how we are economically impacting the people we work with. Especially, when we work with marginalized groups or in countries with lower wage standards. Women are more vulnerable in these countries overall, and approximately 80% of garment workers in the world are women. That's why we are very proud of our female focused supply chain. 


Social  Measures:

We are very optimistic about  the overall value-add that our business and its messaging can have on individuals and society as a whole. We want to live and lead with the values that saenguin portrays. 

Get to know your product! Just like every food product has a nutritional table to inform about its ingredients, we used the idea and developed it further into a Sustainability Facts Chart. The goal is to give transparency about our products’ origin, impact, composition & characteristics. It is not only a way of communicating transparently, but also a tool to keep us accountable to continuously learn and do better. 


sustainability saenguin


There is no such thing as a 100% sustainable fashion brand today, but there will be and we want in on that journey. 

(Our impact page is under development, you will soon be able to get an even closer look into our products & how we produce, stay tuned!)