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We're here because we believe in the power of women. More women in board rooms, more women in politics, more women in leadership. We dress the women, who shape the future.


We founded saenguin to create a brand for, and inspired by the strong, bold, unapologetically ambitious women we met - and continue to meet - in our lives and careers. So with saenguin we envisioned a brand that stands for an empowered and ambitious lifestyle of young professional women.

We’re here to create a world that celebrates these saenguin womxn, their ambition and confidence... whilst making modern, responsibly made business attire that suit your saenguin lifestyle. We design modern business wear that makes the ever-changing urban corporate jungle easy to navigate. Pieces are designed with confidence and empowerment at its center while also coming from an equally empowered and confident supply chain. We connect like-minded women around the world through fashion, careers and networking.

We were on the beach in Taiwan, talking about our soon-to-be lives in consulting - when we had a woment (wine moment). We both were experiencing the almost-trauma of having to find something professional to wear. Neither of us liked the options that were out there, and we soon realized that women’s professional was simply not made for young women in mind. And we were not the only ones – inspired by the support from our community of ambitious saenguin women we went to figure out how to make it better. Because that’s what we do – as natural problem solvers we find ways to fix them. So we did and reinvented how business attire for women is done.

Meet Marita & Svenja

Now that you know why we do what we do, you might be wondering who we are. We're Marita and Svenja, the co-founders of saenguin. At first sight and on paper we look similar, very similar: ambitious women with a thing for power suits, red wine and no need for heels.

But you know what they say, the best power-duos complement each other in their traits. Svenja's first instinct will be to discuss the big picture and grand vision of any idea that comes up. Marita will then never fail to weigh up the feasibility and focus on the here and now. And while Svenja is fuelled by coffee, Marita almost exclusively runs on tea. 

It shouldn’t matter what you wear, but it does. Millions of women work in male-dominated industries and we have found out the hard way how difficult it is to find the “right thing” to wear. We are here to make it easier. Professional clothing should empower you and be easy to navigate. Our products are a metaphor for who we are, who you are and how you should feel, going into high pressure situations: Confident and knowing you deserve to be there.

This is why we founded saenguin.