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How We Produce

A closer look at our mission in creating sustainable business wear for women and changing the retail industry. A sustainable production chain should never be a second thought, we aim to create fashionable business wear with minimal impact on the planet.

In our mission to transform the retail industry, of course, sustainability is in our DNA. Each step of the production process, from our suppliers to hand-picking our materials, has been made in the hopes of reducing our impact on the environment and your bodies.


All our materials are sourced thoroughly. From fabrics to buttons to zippers to threads, we are constantly scavenging the world to find new and innovative materials. These are our current materials:

  • TencelTM is the main fabric of our suits. We immediately fell in love with it’s soft to the skin touch, but also it’s functional traits and sustainable nature. 
  • Organic bamboo for our blouse. 
  • Buttons made from recycled paper and ivory nut. 
  • Zippers made from PET bottles and other post-consumer materials.


We designed each piece for what we wanted to wear ourselves but could not find anywhere to buy. We wanted our suits to be feminine and modern while not compromising comfort. Which is why all our pieces are perfectly suitable ;) to be worn to the conference table as well as the brunch table. You will no longer feel like you have to buy office wear, but like you want to.


Finding the perfect partners who share our visions of sustainability is at the core of our production process. We work with our partner in Lithuania to ensure that we exceed all international regulations on production.

We believe in transparency and fairness throughout the production process. It’s important for us to know where our resources come from and who is involved in the chain of production until we get your suit to you!


  • Donate it to a charity
  • Recycle it by sending it back and we will give you a 10€ credit​

  • Give it to a friend​
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