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7 Powerful Women Gemini's That Should Be On Your Radar

7 Powerful Women Gemini's That Should Be On Your Radar

From May 20th we’re only seeing double - that’s right, it’s Gemini season! What better way to bring in the time of the twins than celebrating some of the boss ass Gemini’s amongst us which are coming into their element.

The third sign in the zodiac circle Gemini’s, alongside Libra and Aquarius, belong to the air sign. Air signs are recognised as thinkers and conversationalists, especially Gemini’s who are governed by Mercury - the planet of communication. All this excellent conversational skills must lead to some action and for these Gemini women, that definitely rings true.

I. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - June 13

Although this should go in date order, it seems only fitting to start off the list of Gemini groundbreakers with a set of twins.

From childhood stars to luxe fashion designers, the Olsen twins have mastered career jumping. Famous for their bohemian-chic style, it seems a no brainer the pair have helmed an uber successful fashion brand. Established in 2006, ‘The Row’ has gone from strength to strength, with beautiful bespoke stores now open in London, New York and Los Angeles.

II. Naomi Campbell - 22 May

Regarded as one of the most famous supermodels of all time, Naomi Campbell appeared on her first magazine cover for Elle at just 15 years old. Aside from her meteoritic modelling career, she has founded a handful of charities fighting various causes and been outspoken about the racial prejudices she has faced in the fashion industry.

III. Jill Biden - June 3

She may be best known as the current First Lady of the United States, but this should not overshadow her independent achievements. Jill Biden has had an extensive career as an educator, working as a high school teacher and a university professor. In fact, she is the first wife of a Vice President or President to have a paying job during her husbands time in office.

IV. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala - June 13

Can you really get any bigger than becoming newly appointed as the Director-General of the World Trade Organisation? Not only that but she is the first woman and first African to hold the position. Prior to this, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala spent 25 years at the World Bank and served two terms as Finance Minister of Nigeria, no biggie.

V. Venus Williams - June 17

One half of the most successful sisters in tennis history, Venus Williams should not be given any less credit than her younger sibling. She has 49 singles titles and 5 Olympic medals (4 Gold, 1 Silver). But aside from her tennis, Venus Williams is also a Grade-A businesswoman. She owns two companies; V Starr Interiors and an activewear line, EleVen by Venus.

VI. Tory Burch - June 17

Voted 88th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2020, Tory Burch has a lot of strings to her bow. As the founder, CEO and CCO of Tory Burch LLC you may think her time is all booked up. In 2009 however, she founded the Tory Burch Foundation which supports businesswomen in the United States by offering business loans, mentoring and entrepreneurial education programmes.

On top all all her philanthropic work, she was also recognised at one of the 50 US Companies which stood out during the pandemic for providing $5 million of clothing and 3,000 yards of fabric to make PPE for healthcare workers.

VII. Yingluck Shinawatra - June 21

When Yingluck Shinawatra became Prime Minister of Thailand in 2011 she was the nations first female Prime Minister and also the youngest in over 60 years. In the face of anti-government protests, Yingluck Shinawatra was impeached and arrested in the wake of a military coup in 2014.

She has since fled the country and as of 2018 became the Chairwoman of Shantou International Container Terminals Ltd, a Chinese port operator, proving that she is no one trick pony.

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