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The Ugly Truth About Being An Ambitious Woman

March 12, 2021
I think most of the time it is not that we believe it’s impossible to have the power, success and confidence – maybe, just maybe it’s also the fact that we are conditioned not to like it that much ...
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Ambition Is All About Language

March 08, 2021
Women are being held back by one of the most underrated, unacknowledged things in the workplace – language. Gender-biased language has been allowed to pull up a chair in the boardroom and cement it...
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Making History With Whitney Wolfe

February 15, 2021
Former Co-Founder of Tinder Whitney Wolfe has come a long way since leaving the company back in 2014. After resigning from Tinder, the 31-year-old has been at the helm of the innovative app Bumble ...
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