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The 5 Best Tips For Your Career

Interviewing with Christine Cote, giving us the best career tips and how to shape a successful career. Flexibility and decision making both plays an important part, read more for tips on how to improve your career game

With Christine Cote

When it comes to shaping a successful career, we can definitely learn a thing or two from Dr. Christine Cote (read more in Career Talk). Here are 5 career tips she shared with us during our interview, that are helpful for anyone.


1/ choose things that you are passionate about

Make sure to choose things that you are passionate about or interested in, and that you actually like spending time on. If you don’t know what it is yet, it can be as simple as “I just want to make money”. Especially at the start of your career, you just really have to be driven and use that intrinsic motivation to get a lot of value out of those first career choices.

2/ make a decision to move forward

When you are thinking about starting out in a career, don’t be worried about the multiplicity of choices that you have. I meet a lot of people that have so many different interests. People just feel paralysis from having to make decisions, especially if you have multiple interests. How do you move forward: my biggest advice on that is you always just need to make a decision to move forward. It’s never a wrong decision - it’s about realizing that you will not ever make a wrong decision.

3/ don’t be afraid to make changes

With careers these days you make a lot of different changes in your life. Don’t be afraid to make those changes & switch directions.

4/ nourish a mentality of flexibility

Have a mentality of flexibility in terms of where your career will take you and how you balance things. 

5/ support each other when in a relationship

When you are in a relationship it is important to have a supportive partner that is willing to make sacrifices for you as much as you make sacrifices for them. It’s just about being willing to be flexible and support each other and make it work as a family.


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