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At Saenguin, We Mean Business

At Saenguin, We Mean Business

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world but things are starting to change and we want to be at the forefront of that. With that in mind, sustainability and transparency are central to our philosophy so you can not only wear with confidence, but buy with it too.

Saenguin was founded with the intention of bringing confidence and empowerment to women, but sustainability was anything but an afterthought. We believe all women should be empowered in the workplace and that is as valuable in production as it is in the boardroom. When our customers buy from saenguin, we want them to know that women and female-led companies are being thought about at every stage of the process.

We don’t want to greenwash, no one in the fashion industry can be 100% sustainable right now, but we are transparent about our processes and want to improve where we can everyday. A lot of fashion brands assess their sustainability purely on fabrics by capitalising on sourcing organic materials for example. At saenguin we take this a step further. Whether it’s sourcing a tiny button, a zipper or a type of thread we look at every possible avenue to find a sustainable option. And we don’t stop there.

We measure ourselves against a triple-bottom-line approach, simply put, we look and scrutinise our environmental, economic and social impact and try to improve constantly. This is what we have achieved so far:

  1. Our suit manufacturer is moving to 100% recycled water as well as 100% renewable energy.
  1. We work with a female focused supply chain, 3/4 companies in our value chain are female-led.
  1. We use 100% organic bamboo silks.
  1. Our suits are 100% TENCEL (there might be 2% elastane in your pinstripes).
  1. We accumulate only 2% waste, 33% less waste than the average fast fashion brand.
  1. 40% of the materials we use come from recycled/up-cycled sources, compared to less than 3% in the average fast fashion company.
  1. We use 13,400 less litres of water during plantation than the average fast fashion brand.
  1. Our total transportation distance is 13,325 kilometres less than the average fast fashion brand.

    We are really proud of these achievements, but we know there is still room for improvement. The challenges we have to overcome in order to create real change in the fashion industry are considerable, especially as a small start-up. This is not an excuse, we know we are not perfect, but we are committed and seeking to evolve our practices constantly. Whether that is improving our supply chain, our production facilities or our logistics, we want to strive towards building a company that our customers can be confident is making a difference.

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